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  • Young v1

    Study for a BA(hons) which has been written by musicians, for musicians.

    The Academy of Music and Sound has developed a range of courses for serious musicians with professional goals. We have a unique understanding of the working life of musicians as our courses are written by working musicians. This lends an authentic and current understanding of the music industry in our course materials. In addition to our course material being […]

  • Sound Production Short Coursess

    Free Summer Sound Production Courses

    Our Scottish centres  are please to announce that this Summer they will be offering both weekend and week intensive courses in Sound Production, where students will work towards achieving a BTEC Level 3 Award in Sound Production. This program will give students hands on experience with Logic Pro X, microphones, midi recording and a host of other useful skills […]

  • NH1

    Fast track to the final year of a BA(hons)

    The Academy of Music and Sound has a long standing relationship with the music industry,and we understand the skills and knowledge a working musician has are varied and extensive; from instrumental skills to business skills, working as a musician can be tough! This experience is unique to the music industry and is recognised as the equivalent […]

  • Music Performance at the Academy of Music & Sound

    Full student funding available for BA(hons) Top Up in Performance Industries.

    Completing a BA(Hons) degree is a commitment from you in both your time and financially.We’ve addressed your time commitment by making a fast track option available and you can address your financ ial commitment as full student funding is available from Student Loans England. A student loan is a popular option for students funding their studies as you […]

  • AMS Online

    Your experience is important to us- use it to earn your BA(hons) is as little as 12 months

    Thanks to our Recognised Prior Learning scheme, working musicians can fast track to the final year of their BA(hons) qualification. Our RPL scheme means that your experience can be used to equate to the first 2 years of a BA(hons) degree. Once you have enrolled on the BA(hons) course, you have the flexibility to study in your own […]

  • AMS-Online-300x155

    Graduates can expect to earn about £500,000 more than jobseekers without a degree over an average working life.

    Investing in a degree is a commitment in both your time and finances. However, studies have shown that this investment will pay off once you graduate! The Telegraph reported that over a lifetime, graduates will earn on average an additional half million compared to those without a degree! Musicians can have diverse and exciting portfolio careers, supporting their earnings […]

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