The Academy of Music and Sound offers specialist music courses and training to aspiring musicians, producers and music professionals.

A Little Background History

Founded in 1994, The Academy of Music and Sound started life in humble settings, offering private instrument lessons and music technology courses in Torquay. Today and the Academy of Music and Sound has a national network of music centres offering specialist music courses.
The Academy of Music and Sound has seven centres situated in key locations around the UK. Choose to study in Scotland, the North East, The Midlands, The South and South West of England.
“Bringing world-class music education to our student’s doorstep was always our ambition and it continues to be so.” Academy of Music & Sound co-founder Shaun Baxter.


Networked Degree

Our position as a network of campuses allows students the opportunity to study in a different city for each year of their music course. This allows you to develop your network of contact across the country and gain experience in a variety of contexts. Our students will be prepared for a sustainable and creative career.

Your Journey is Our Journey

It’s clear that if you are reading this, the musical bug has bitten you. We know what it’s like to have dreams and ambitions. You love music more than anything yet you’re not sure how to make your dreams and ambitions a reality. We know, we’ve been there ourselves!
The Academy of Music & Sound will show you that learning to play your instrument doesn’t mean you have to leave your creativity, passion and joy for your music at the door. In fact, we positively encourage you to bring it with you.
In addition to your learning in the classroom, we have identified the need to bring the music industry to you. On our Higher Education music courses, you will have access to our pioneering enrichment program.
You’ll be able to attend masterclasses from industry professionals, music industry events and conferences and participate in our industry mentor scheme. This scheme means you can liaise with a successful music industry mentor and help you get your career off the ground!
Our job at the Academy of Music & Sound is simple. We give you the information and tools you need to make your dreams a reality. Your job is to realise your potential, show a commitment and enthusiasm to learn. Good luck, have fun and work hard!