Avid Pro-Tools

All Academy of Music & Sound centres are Pro-Tools sponsored schools. Allowing our students the opportunity to enhance their instrument tuition with access to digital composition and recording facilities.


Yamaha have a long history of supporting education in music, as well as a 17 year working relationship with the Academy of Music & Sound Directors . The formal endorsement of The Academy of Music & Sound started in 2005 and Yamaha now fully support our centres with all electric and acoustic drums, keyboards, as well as Electric and acoustic Guitars and Bass Guitars.


Peavey supply every Academy of Music & Sound centre with all their amplification needs. Guitar and bass amplification as well as numerous P.A’s that suit the many different musical settings our students find themselves in. Practice amps to full touring rigs, we have it all.


Zildjian aren’t “just” Cymbal manufacturers. To play any Zildjian cymbal, is to be a part of a historic musical legacy that stretches back over 350 years! Our drum students use Zildjian cymbals exclusively, whether it`s for practice, performance workshops or end of term gigs.