Why Us?


We are the oldest instrument- specific Music College, with centres situated around the country. This makes it possible for students to study closer to home, potentially saving the cost and stress of re-locating. Click the map to find your local centre.

You and Your Instrument

Rather than learning in general music classes with other instruments, (which is the case at local general colleges) your lessons at The Academy of Music & Sound will focus on YOUR chosen instrument or specialism. Core lessons are delivered entirely in specialist or instrument groups in dedicated classrooms, which maximise your time learning and developing your instrument skills.


Other Music colleges can charge £4-5000 per year for specialist courses of this calibre. Our F.E courses and apprenticeships attract full-funding, if you are 16-18 yrs. Our H.E students qualify for students loans. Funding may vary, depending on your age, circumstances and qualifications you may have already studied. Please check your eligibility against the funding criteria at your local Academy of Music & Sound centre or college partner in your area.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum is a vital component of any successful course. Great facilities and teachers mean nothing without well-written lessons. We don’t take chances with our course material and have a central team of writers that feature world-class musicians and music industry leaders who put together courses that educate, inform and inspire.

Our Teachers

There is a big difference between ‘musicians who teach’ and just music teachers. We carefully select our teachers from a proven network of inspiring musicians, who have the academic and communication skills to deliver our curriculum as well as technical excellence and invaluable musical experiences to share with our students.

Masterclasess / Activities weeks

As well as opportunities to attend key industry events such as Liverpool Sound City, the Academy of Music and Sound are comitted to the process of introducing you to working music professionals, managers, producers, musicians, engineers, agents, journalists.

Some may work locally, sharing with you invaluable advice on the local music scene. Others will be world-renowned and quite possibly someone you have greatly admired. You will have the chance to question, listen, watch and discuss any number of topics in these fantastic, often life-changing sessions.


Long-lasting relationships with three of the biggest music manufacturers in the world, gives The Academy of Music & Sound students access to the very latest technology and musical equipment. Yamaha take care of electric and acoustic drums, keyboards and guitars, Peavey supply all centres amplification needs and Zildjian supply all cymbals. Every centre has an iMac suite, working on the latest Pro-tools and Garage band software and a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) where you can study on line, track lessons at home and download the relevant lessons notes and tunes for your weekly classes.

Our Staff

The Academy of Music & Sound’s roots are planted within the Music Industry. Our centre management teams have vast experience of the business and give enormous real-world guidance and support.