When you are an old musician like me that had been around the block people get tired of your Schtick! That’s why it’s always good to have a few incarnations of what you do going at once. It also means that you get to hang out with, write with and play with different people that bring out different things from you.   I get bored of travelling around solo anyway… Even if it is the most profitable way to play. I love hanging out with The Wonder Stuff as there loads of great people around to party with. 

We sometimes go out as The Wonder Stuff acoustic which is just Miles, Erica and I. That means we can play smaller venues, do quieter songs and not overkill the band gigs but still get out and play! I also play with some amazing fiddlers that aren’t in The Wonder Stuff. Ben Paley and I go out as a 2 piece and we do a lot of Appalachian tunes with an Irish lilt it’s great fun and something unique!! This weekend I will be playing with Jon Sevink of Brighton’s folk punk institution The Levellers. Jon and I have been friends for years and we do some of my tunes, some Levellers tunes and some originals we are planning to release in the future.   

Doing things like this keeps your music career fresh, provides you with different audiences and different experiences.  It also helps you to expand your earning potential, which is much needed in this climate!!

Source: Dan on Tour