About Us


In the heart of Edinburgh’s Grassmarket district and in the centre of Glasgow’s cultural community, The Academy of Music & Sound is the perfect choice for your ongoing music education.

Edinburgh Centre

Based at the heart of the city in the historic Grassmarket and located directly under Music shop red Dog Music. The centre features a drum lab, studio, Mac suite and instrument rooms. Weekly Live Performance Workshops are held at local, professional venues.

Founded in 1994, The Academy of Music & Sound started life in humble settings, offering private instrument lessons and music technology courses above a music shop in Torquay.

Fast forward to today and the Academy of Music & Sound has the only national network of music centres offering specialist, instrument specific courses in the country. Today the Academy of Music & Sound has grown into a nationwide organisation with nine centres situated in key locations around the UK offering first class music education for the 21st Century.

Glasgow Centre

Glasgow centre is based immediately above the renowned music venue “The Classic Grand and we have been in the heart of the city since 2006. The centre has a large performance room, studio, iMac suite, keyboard lab, instrument teaching rooms and students lounge. The centre is a ten minute walk from Queens Street and Central stations. The Academy of Music and Sound offers specialist music education and training to aspiring musicians, producers and music professionals.

“Bringing world class music education to our student’s doorstep was always our ambition and it continues to be so” – Academy of Music & Sound co-founder Shaun Baxter.


It’s clear that if you are reading this, the musical bug has in some way bitten you. We know what it’s like to have dreams and ambitions; you love music more than anything yet you’re not sure how to make your dreams and ambitions a reality. We know, we’ve been there ourselves!

The next step can be a big one. You want a better understanding of what you’re playing, you’re getting frustrated with your technique, crashing into musical brick walls! All very common problems for aspiring musicians, so how do you go about dealing with these issues?

The Academy of Music & Sound and the way we teach has been shaped by musicians who have walked the path and learned, first-hand what a modern musician has to understand to thrive in this amazing but constantly changing industry.

The Academy of Music & Sound will show you that learning to play your instrument doesn’t mean you have to leave your creativity, passion and joy for your music at the classroom door. In fact, we will positively encourage you to bring it with you. Add all the new styles, techniques and technology that we will offer you throughout your time with us and you won’t want to go home.


Our job at the Academy of Music & Sound is simple: to give you the information and tools you need to make your dreams a reality. Your job is to realise your potential, show a commitment and enthusiasm to learn; and practice, practice, practice. The future will then take care of itself. It’s on your doorstep: Good luck, have fun and work hard!