Why Us?


We focus our curriculum and teaching on your chosen instrument or music specialism. If you play guitar, all of your core lessons are on guitar, and likewise for drums, bass, vocals, music-tech, song-writing, keyboards and music business. You will use specialist teaching and practise facilities which maximises your time with us. Ultimately, this focused delivery is for more useful, progressive and relevant to aspiring 21st century music professionals.

The art of teaching

You will learn from “working professionals” who can teach. Not just “music teachers”: there is a big difference.

Teacher practitioners who have the technical excellence to inspire you, who have the varied and valuable musical experiences to share with you, as well as the right academic qualifications and communication skills to deliver our world-class curriculum.

The music industry

The Academy of Music and Sound has its roots firmly planted within the music industry. Our admin and management teams in all of our centres have vast experience of the business both locally and nationally from managing bands and venues; to being promoters or artists themselves. They will give you enormous support, real-world guidance and have a true affinity with you, the students.

Be Inspired

Our staff aren’t the only people who will inspire you. We run an un-parralleled  activities and masterclass programme, which gives students the opportunity to attend a variety of industry events and access to masterclasses with national and internationally renowned bands, musicians, managers, agents and producers. Many started out just like you.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is simply world-class. Written by a central team of musicians and music professionals and controlled by our Academic Director, they are second to none. Nothing is left to chance and our students across the UK have constant on-line access to lessons, tunes, and our brand new video tutorial system.