Employability – going on TOUR!

A tutor, student and rock legend all walk into a bar..

Check-out the video below, guitar tutor Micky Crystal and Gateshead student Kyle Hughes are on Marco Mendoza’s European tour.. did we mention Micky recommend Kyle for the job?

Our tutors are all professional musicians – this gives our students the benefit of inside knowledge, experienced mentors and most importantly the opportunities that come with being an established musician.

However, it’s not as easy as who you know. Kyle proved his dedication and skills in class at the Academy of Music and Sound, enough for Micky to take note and when the opportunity arose for a drummer – 19 year old Kyle was the first to come to mind.

And then, the next thing you know you’re off on a tour across Europe, including Germany, Ireland, Scotland, England, Denmark, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania!

You can follow the tour via Kyle’s website here or Micky Crystal’s Facebook page here.