If you stick at it long enough…..

I’m an old guy for a musician…. I have a promising music career behind me! 

The great thing about getting older as a musician is that you become your own tribute act!  I first burst on to the scene in the 90s But I am now playing in a band that made it in the 80s as well. And this is great for me!! 

Everyone who used to listen to the music now, feels nostalgic about their youth and wants to relive the days when they didn’t have a job, a mortgage and three kids.  So they come and see the bands they used to listen to 20 years ago…. that is to say me and my mates!!! Even better is that they all now have disposable income and can afford T shirts and Records!!!

The perfect example of this is the gig I am doing this weekend….

Here loads of us older musicians get together in Butlins and play to our older crowd without younger people laughing at our middle age spread or spoiling our time with their exuberance!!

So the bottom line is your career is not finished at 30… if you stick with it, it all comes round again …. and again …. and again 

Source: Dan on Tour