Valueable insight and experience outside of the classroom

Industry professionals, direct to your classroom

As part of your enrichment programme, students at the Academy of Music and Sound, will gain access to masterclasses where you come face to face with industry professionals.

  • Small class sizes allow you to get up close and personal
  • Exclusive performances
  • Q&A sessions
  • ¬†Professionals from artists and producers to promoters and managers
  • ¬†First-hand experience and knowledge

Our students even have a say on who comes in, with the help of our industry contacts, we try our best to fulfil your request for an artist or producer to cover a masterclass.

Academy of Music and Sound Lecturer

Live performance opportunities

Each centre have their own local links to venues, events, and the music industry. This opens up opportunities for performance experience such as festivals, support acts and open mic nights, alongside student’s own organised gigs.

  • Builds your performance or production skills and confidence
  • Exposing you to a wide range of situations helping you to adapt in the future
  • Introduces you to a wider network of people
  • Helps you gain work experience skills


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