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Short courses will give you hands-on experience, access to industry knowledge, professional equitment and a host of other useful skills and knowledge. On successful completion, you will be awarded a BTEC Level 3 and throughout the whole process, you will receive guidance and support from one of AMS’s specialist trainers.

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Short courses in music production
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Sound Production

Do you have interest in sound production? Or just want to learn how to record your own music at home? Our free Sound Production short course offers a comprehensive introduction to everything you need to know about recording techniques.

This includes recording live instruments, MIDI recording, layering, mixing, mastering and more.  With access to industry-standard audio equipment and software, as well as expert tutors to get you up to speed, the course is a perfect introduction to the modern recording industry.


Glasgow dates

  • Monday 30th July – 3rd August (Monday to Friday week intensive, 10AM – 5PM)
  • Monday 6th August – 10th August (Monday to Friday week intensive, 10AM – 5PM)
  • Saturday 18th August – 22nd September (6 consecutive Saturdays, 10AM – 5PM)
  • Sunday 2nd September – 7th October (6 consecutive Sundays, 10AM – 5PM)


Edinburgh dates

  • Monday 25th June (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday for two consecutive weeks)
  • Friday 29th June (Friday, Saturday, Sunday for two consecutive weeks)
  • Monday 9th July (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday for two consecutive weeks)
  • Friday 13th July (Friday, Saturday, Sunday for two consecutive weeks)


WiLMS (Glasgow only)

If you’re looking to develop your ability on an instrument or improve your songwriting, this is the course for you. Allowing you to work towards a creative project and live performance, it provides an accurate representation of working within live music to a professional standard.

You can learn from our accomplished team of active musicians while in a supportive, small group environment.  You’ll design your own practice routine, play solo pieces and collaborate with other musicians. The course provides an excellent grounding to progress within the music industry, and is a great opportunity to meet and work with like-minded musicians.

You must be 16+ in order to attend this course, terms and conditions apply.



Hamish Roberts Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop (WiLMS)

  • Monday 9th July – Friday 20th July (2 weeks intensive, 10AM – 5PM)
  • Saturday 15th September – 1st December (12 consecutive Saturdays, 10AM – 1PM, performance TBC)
  • Sunday 30th September – 16th December (12 consecutive Sundays, 10AM – 1PM, performance TBC)


Donna Macioca Songwriting Workshop (WiLMS)

  • Monday 16th July – 20th July (Monday to Friday week intensive, 10AM – 5PM, performance on 27th July)


Allan James Drum Workshop (WiLMS)

  • Monday 8th October – 19th October (Monday to Friday 2-week intensive, 10AM – 5PM, Tuesdays and Thursdays off)


Women’s Employability in the Music Industry (4-day’s on two weekends)

Academy of Music and Sound in Glasgow and Edinburgh welcome applications for an SQA accredited free short course created and run by women in the music industry. Learn about gaining employment in the music industry!

Following the success of our first ‘Womens Employability in the Music Industry’ course, the Academy of Music and Sound will be running another course in July 2018. This course is designed by and for women and those identifying as female over 16 years old and covers the following subjects:

  • Your skills and where they can lead you
  • Real life application processes
  • Music industry organisations and their purpose
  • Making yourself a more ’employable’ candidate
  • Getting to grips with industry employment processes
  • Learning about opportunities specifically for women

Taught by Karlyn King, Popular Music lecturer and researcher at BIMM and University of Birmingham. A very special masterclass will take place on the final day, with full details to be announced!


Glasgow Dates

  • Saturday 7th July 2018
  • Sunday 8th July 2018
  • Saturday 14th July 2018
  • Sunday 15th July 2018


Edinburgh Dates

  • Saturday 21st July 2018
  • Sunday 22nd July 2018
  • Saturday 28th July 2018
  • Sunday 29th July 2018

Digital Synthesis and Sampling (Glasgow Only)

The course will cover techniques for digital synthesis and sampling. You will learn how to make your own digital instrument using Axoloti Patcher and an Axoloti Core (provided) which you can take away at the end of the course. You will also learn about the technical side of setting up your instrument in a studio or live setting, giving a short musical demonstration of your instrument on the last day of the course.

  • Monday 9th July to Friday 13th July (10AM – 5PM, instrument presentation on 20th July)
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Level: 3
Length: Various
Fees: FREE
Study Locations:
Edinburgh • Glasgow

How to Apply
Our free short courses are only available at our centres in Scotland. Contact Edinburgh or Glasgow to apply.